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Welcome to On All Devices. We specialise in designing and building modern web applications, that serve your data, and present your content, with lightweight, responsive interfaces.


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What we do

We specialise in building modern web applications using JavaScript as the primary technology. Our preferred architecture predominantly involves building a network of distributed microservices (APIs), and single-page applications (SPAs) consuming various web services all glued together using a centralised OAuth2 authentication system with single-sign on (SSO) technology.

JavaScript Application Development

JavaScript is fast becoming the de-facto standard language in web development.

We are JavaScript specialists. We don't consider it a secondary language - it is our language of choice. We focus on building complex, structured web applications using JavaScript and related tools. We build widgets, components, plug-ins, single-page-apps, offline web apps, hybrid mobile apps and secure, distributed, cloud-based web services.

Distributed Microservices (APIs)

Microservices are generally smaller, loosely-coupled APIs that are typically focussed on performing a smaller, more focussed set of tasks - well. Traditional APIs are often monolithic systems which have historically been difficult to maintain and upgrade. Release schedules are infrequent, and error-prone due to tightly-coupled architecture and high inter-dependencies.

Creating a separate micro-service for each subset of tasks, means that services can be built using whatever language or platform is best suited to the task. Also, the service can be easily scaled up and out independently of others - allowing for more manageable infrastructure costs.

Microservices also help to facilitate Lean business and Agile software development practices - releases can be much more frequent and so bugs can be fixed more quickly, new features released more often - all giving a better customer experience.